Mission Statement

To enable shareholders to improve the profitability of their farms and their lifestyles, through the demonstration of superior and sustainable management systems, and the provision of education programmes necessary for their adoption.

The farm is in the Macalister Irrigation District (MID) which is home to 27% of the Gippsland dairy industry.  Dairying is the largest agricultural contributor to Gippsland.

The MDF is recognized by funders and dairy industry groups as a credible and reliable organization that has a strong history of delivering projects that are relevant to local farmers and meeting the expectations of project partners and stakeholders. As part of its philosophy the MDF actively seeks to partner with any reputable organization or agency in the development and delivery of new projects and resources to advance the skills of MID dairy farmers.

In 2010 the Macalister Demonstration Farm was awarded the inaugurul Fonterra Dairy Leadership Award at the Regional Achievement and Community Awards for industry leadership over fifty years.

In 2011 the Macalister Demonstration Farm was a finalist in both the Banksia Environmental Awards and the NAB Agribusiness Awards.

Written by

Mark Humphris (Chairman) Mark joined the MDF Board in October 2008 and became Chairman in October 2010. Mark is a vet with the Maffra Veterinary Centre.