Vacancies / Tenders


DAIRY HEIFER REARING PROGRAM for Macalister Demonstration Farm (MDF)

Expressions of Interest are sought for contract rearing of replacement dairy heifers (70-80) for MDF from Mid November 2014 to June 2016.


  1. Grower to follow MDF Husbandry schedule
  2.  All animals to be managed in a worm control program by the Grower at their expense
  3. MDF will supply pellets for first three months of the program. Any future supplementary feed is at the expense of the Grower.
  4. Grower to weigh heifers monthly and report to MDF Board and report any death or loss of an animal.
  5. Target Weights by 15th June 2016 :         FF 490,  FX 450, JJ 370
  6. Heifers not  to be run with other animals not owned by MDF